We finally had some time to update our aimbot to version 1.2 Old version worked still pretty good, but we implemented few ideas we had and also some of your suggestion, also punkbuster protection needed upgrade.

Download it here

Hello, yesterday we have finished version 1.1 and then tested it for whole night, so when I write this I have not been sleeping for like 40 hours (thank God for energy drinks). Well, version 1.1 is finally done and works perfectly. Only me, Kim and like 10 other players tested it so far and it seems there are no problems, but if there are, contact us in troubleshooting section.

What is new in version 1.1

MiniMap ESP bug with disappearing enemies in Dawnbreaker and Operation Locker – this has been fixed and now it should work to 100% of players in all maps.

Aimed warning sound – used different, slightly louder sound since many of you complained they often do not hear it.

Sniper rifle stabilization added – finally it has been added, should have been in version 1.0, but it was harder than we thought, now breathing does not affect shooting

Punkbuster protection slightly enhanced.

Plus some minor issues.

Download Version 1.1

Hello everyone, yesterday I checked stats and saw amazing number, 10587 downloads. Getting over 10K downloads makes our BF4 Aimbot so far our most succesful aimbot. Thank you all so much,its a great motivation for further work.

Even we are sure aimbot is working fine, I’ve started to receive such a huge amount of messages through skype that I have decide to unpublish my skype nick from this site, it was really overwhelming. From now on send please troubleshooting/problems to special section of this site.

Wow, these results really surprised me in positive way. It is not much more than 48 hours since we released our Battlefield aimbot and it has already more than 1000 downloads. We are more than happy that you like our tool and we are waiting for sggestions how to make it even better. You can write it right in the comment.

I’m happy to announce that our BF4 aimbot (which after looking at another similar bots in development we believe will be probably the best available and definetely the best free one) is 99% complete.

As I promised to you in the last post, here is list of features of our Battlefield 4 aimbot:

  • Something we call “choosebot” – you can decide if you want headshot, or shoot at arms, legs or body. You can setup hotkeys for this aimbot function.
  • 3+1 layer Punkbuster and FairFight protection – this program uses classic PBS shield, application cloaking, “fast kicker” something like last defence, if they updated Punkbuster somehow that it could detect this aimbot you will be warned and kicked before ban. The +1 layer of protection against Punkbuster is our secret, something what makes our aimbot better than other available.
  • MiniMap ESP – shows you all enemies on the minimap
  • Spotted warning – sound and text message warning whenever enemy spots you (you can use text, sound or both)
  • Aimed warning – sound and message warning when someone aims at you (you can use text, sound or both)
  • Shot possibility warning – sound and message waring when you can clearly shoot at enemy (you can use text, sound or both)
  • All features works at vehicles also
  • Recoil and Spread deactivation or reduction – you can completely deactivate or setup in percents how much less recoil and spread of weapon do you want. No other aimbot for BF 4 has the percentage possibility!
  • You can setup everything as you want - you can use all features, or just one, its up to you.

Probably in some future versions we would also like to add simple sniper rifle stabilization (not really aimbot, just deactivating movement of weapon while game character is breathing, for those who really want just little help). For some reason it has been really hard to hack this function of the game, but I’m pretty sure we will find a way how to do it.



Open beta has been something what we have been waiting for long time and real game experience from it has helped us really a lot in development of our aimbot, which we can already tell you will be absolutely free. BF4 aimbot is here to help all those normal guys who just likes to play games like normal people, few hours a day max, because they still have some normal life. Well, is it any fun when you play against some crazy kid which has nothing to do except playing? In that case it is really very hard to enjoy the game, so for that we developed this aimbot. For those guys who comes home after hard day at work or college and just want to have fun for few hours.

I really do not like all those people who thinks that aimbots are something bad, they are just little help for guys who cannot spend all day practising their gaming skills, that is all.

I would say aimbot is now like 95-98% complete, we are now just fixing minor issues and working hard on security issues, so you will not have to be worried about punkbuster. In next post I will give you much more detailed info about features of our program, because it is not just simple aimbot, it will have much more function and will be up to you if you gonna use them or not.


Good news is that school is not taking me so much time as I was affraid so I still have time to work at this aimbot together with Kim who is doing most of the testing. Well, until open beta will not be able to test many functions of this program, because we want it to be something much more than simple aimbot. I can say now that roughly 40-50% of coding is complete, but the most important parts are done working good. We could use quite big pieces of code from previous projects which saved us (more precisely me) lot of time. While waiting for the game (and our aimbot hopefully) enjoy one of another awesome promotional pictures.

Battlefield 4 Aimbot


Hello everyone! Battlefield 4 is here and that mean that many people will need aimbot for Battlefield 4 and that is why we are here with this web and of course with this new aimbot. I’m sure you will be happy with it and that you will come back to this page. Right now the aimbot is 80% complete and was tested with really great results (well mostly great results) during open beta. We are pretty sure that final version will be complete in next 3-4 weeks.